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It’s about family.

This business, what we do, how we do it, why we do it—it’s all about family. The wood we use is from barns my husband takes down along with anyone who has the time to help him. My dad is the one who preps the wood and gets it ready to become something beautiful. Then it’s my part; I do the design and the painting and the business side of what we do. Additionally, I’m a stay at home mom. It’s all about family.

I could explain the technicalities involved—how I do what I do– but really the most important thing is why I do what I do; to help you celebrate what you cherish. Whether that means being able to display a meaningful quote, the lyrics from a song that touches your heart, a treasured bible verse or to tell part of the story of your own family, I want to help you display what gives your life deeper meaning. Your home should showcase what you hold dear, and it is our honor to help you do that.

We use reclaimed wood because we believe there is beauty in the history of things that might otherwise go overlooked. The wood comes from deteriorating barns here in Michigan that would otherwise go to waste. Oftentimes these barns were set to be burned or buried because they are falling down and present a hazard if ignored. There is a distinct beauty to reclaimed wood, it has a character that only things that have spent time outside in the world can have. These barns were built before the use of power tools—each nail hole and scar from a sawmill tells a story about who we were and how things used to be done. That unique beauty is captured in every piece, the wood bringing its distinct character to each item. No two items will be exactly the same, and we love that because our goal is to give you a totally unique statement piece, personalized gift, or custom creation. Because we make these things by hand and with love please allow 4-6 weeks for production. Good things can take time but we promise, they are worth the wait.

Angtiques is grateful to have our signs (and the history that comes with them) displayed in homes and businesses throughout the world. It’s truly an honor to be able to give representation to the moments in your life that are worthy of celebration and reverence. Like we said, it’s about family; ours, yours, the people who came before and built the barns, the hands that work together to give them new life in your home—family. Cherish what matters, display what you love, and know how grateful we are to help you tell your story.

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